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How I can help


We all have a past and a story. But what if our story and the developed habits, patterns and believes actually prevent us from living the life we so desire to create for ourselves? Feeling caught up in loops, anxiety, fears, physical and mental restrictions. 


Our past wounds can get in the way of our ability to connect deeply and be open to love, to trust in ourselves and others.

We may find ourselves living a life that doesn’t feel quite like we’d love that to, but are scared to make a change.


It takes great courage to dive within, to explore layer by layer our history that is woven into the fabric of our body and mind.

You are not alone in this. And wherever you are on your journey, you made the first step by coming to this site. 


Take your time and look around and see what interests you, maybe questions arise.

Let’s connect and see how my work can help you on your journey. 


Where I can help

Traumatic events

Healing past traumatic events (event-, development-, or generational trauma) for a sense of safety and peace.

Anxiety & Fears

Overcome shyness, blocks and panic attacks. Learning techniques to stay present and understanding the mind, the place where fears and anxiety are created. Establishing connection and stability. 


Overcome feelings of emptiness and disconnection, by connection to once true core desires and emotions as guidance. Establishing self-love, self-care practices and re-discovering a sense of accomplishment.

Sexual Disconnection

Reestablish presence, trust and true connections in your sexual relationships. Learn techniques to become a better lover. Heal shame around body and sexuality.


Learn techniques and practices to stay present, be organized and deal with overwhelming situations. Discover balance and wellness at work or in private space. 

Acute & Chronic Pain 

Eliminate acute and chronic pain and restore motion in the body to live a pain free life of freedom and expressions.

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What Clients Say

"WOW. A massage I always wanted, and never found."


"It was a wonderful time. It had everything. Thank you for teaching, guiding, and sharing so many moments together, my heart leaves expanded."



About me

Each session is custom tailored to meet where you are, to efficiently and powerfully shift you towards

real connection with yourself. All tools are combined for a body-oriented psychotherapy to open bodies chronic armoring and increases your capacity to feel.

How I work


My mid life crisis hit me in my mid twenties already. Although everything seemed perfect and successful on the outside, inside I felt not successful. I felt empty, lost, disconnected to myself, my partner, family and friends. I questioned everything I had created for myself. I felt numb and depressed, as the life I was living didn’t feel like it was real. I didn't know who I was and what I wanted from life anymore.

Seeking answers to my situation, I had a breakthrough in the Amazonian jungle: I understood that the protective walls I built around my heart out of survival mode in my childhood, 'saved' me from feeling pain in my life, while at the same time cutting me off from any other feeling like pleasure and happiness.

I realized that the key to a fulfilled life and true connections is an open heart. It meant I needed to turn inwards and find the answers and healing within. To open my heart and connect with that soul again, that got caught up in conditions, projections and expectations of everybody else. It was time to open up again to get the freedom and love I was so longing for.

Since I have been committed to my healing, looking inside and turning towards my body, letting go of past traumas and tensions, uncovering layer by layer and discovering my authentic self.  I am rising as a phoenix from the ashes, with greater understanding, an open heart to connect truly with myself and others. I have never felt so alive and vibrant. Looking forward to living this life fully and create the reality I desire.

I’m honored to share my path, tools and love with you and help you too heal your way into true freedom and nourishing relationships.

Myofascial Energetic Release Massage

A combination of deep & soft bodywork paired with breath & energy work helps balancing and open up the body to restore bodies sensitivity and natural state of fluidity. MER works on the cause of chronic pain, overly contracted soft tissue, caused by emotional repression, negative beliefs, as well as dysfunctional habits and patterns. 

Breathwork Therapy 

The BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® empowers your body’s natural process for healing, releasing chronic tension and restructuring your systems on a cellular level. The somatic experience goes deeper than traditional therapies to heal past traumatic events to connect with your authentic being, and live a life full of joy and peace. 

Movement & Meditations

Using different meditation techniques from various traditions, you learn to cultivate sensitivity & awareness to present sensations in your body to access the bodies wisdom and self-healing abilities for a more energized and balanced life. 


Helping you identify patterns, limitations, conditionings and creating an action plan and practices to for proper integration to pursue alignment with your core desires and emotions.


If you are ready to start creating the life you want, including nourishing relationships, peace and true joy - reach out and schedule a free consultation today. 

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